Our story goes back to the Turin Winter Olympic Games in 2006. Founder Björn Lind became a two time Olympic gold medal winner. 
Both times he took the gold medal, he crossed the finish line with his - now legendary in the cross-country world - trademark pose.
This victory gesture has become a cornerstone for our brand. It is from that cornerstone that we have built our own icon - “The Superbia”,
which is the natural expression of when performance and reward are in perfect balance, the feeling of being in the zone.

Wease Sportswear was founded in 2015 by Björn Lind and Fredrik Persson, with the ambition to make endurance sport smart, stylish and more attractive. Of course we pour our passion for the sport into our creation of this lifestyle brand, where we combine our personal interest in design, travel, training, competition and the environment.

Fredrik Persson and Björn Lind inside Wease own Pop Up Store.

Fredrik Persson and Björn Lind inside Wease own Pop Up Store.

With our mission, we aim to combine sports, sustainability, and experiences with a clean, minimalistic design - all with as high level of environmentally friendly as possible. A big challenge, but we are up for it!

We like to perform at our best, both in leisure and work. Wease Sportswear draws out our winning mentality in all the best ways. Our brand is a mix of optimal performance, sustainability, high quality and modern design. Nevertheless, we enjoy the rewards of top performance. There is nothing better than good food and drink after a tough training.

But Wease Sportswear is more than that. Join us on a training session or our travel experience and adventures. You can also discover one of our pop-up stores at a sporting event near you. When things happen, we are there!

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